Huge Waves Malibu: Coastal Erosion Threatens California Coastline Celebrities’ homes


Huge Waves Malibu: Rogue waves crash on California coastline threatening celebrities’ beach-front homes.

Crazy! They even build up sand walls with bulldozers to protect their ‘sand castles’!

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Huge waves batter the California coastline threatening celebrities’ beach-front homes. Photo:

As this pictures prove, celebrities and billionaires are currently contending with a large threat in their exclusive gated community. Their multimillion-dollar homes are getting battered by huge waves, which are spilling over into their seaside showplaces. And our celebs are left powerless… Once in a lifetime.

Discover what our will look like when all the ice wil have melted!

These high tides threaten to erode the foundations of the luxury homes along the coast. Moreover, there are reports of broken glass panels, fences and destroyed balconies. In recent years, winter storms and rising high tides have reduced the size of the famously long and impressive Malibu beach.

Moreover, millions have been spent on a sea wall and sand bag defenses. But I think the rich and celebs have found someone stronger thant they are: Nature!

Money cannot change the bad climate evolution.

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