Spacedrum: Haunting Sounds from a Weird Musical Instrument


Enjoy the strange and haunting sounds of the Spacedrum in this amazing video!

The melody of this metal percussion designed in France will free your body and soul.

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Yuki Koshimoto is one of the most reknown player of the weird ufo-shaped musical instrument. Photo: Imgur

The Spacedrum® belongs to the Trinidad steeldrum and Hang family and was designed by Philippe Maignaut & Djoliba. They are co-founders of Metal Sounds which is a company specialized in developing metal melodic percussions.

As you may have understood it, Yuki Koshimoto, the musician in the video, is a professional player. She hits the metal drum with her hands, but she could also have used sticks. When Yuki discovered this ufo-shaped instrument in 2009, she found what would feed her life while creating amazing melody. Enjoy this hauntingly beautiful sound!

The music tune, called ‘New Moon’ is enchanting, isn’t?

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