Did You Also Hear Jet-Like Noises Around Lufkin, Texas?


What were the jet-like noises heard around Lufkin, Texas on October 13, 2014?

It wasn’t a tornado, an explosion or a gas leak but maintenance work being done at the Aspen Power plant.

As reported by KSLA:

The noise many residents in Lufkin and the surrounding area are hearing is coming from maintenance work being done at the Aspen Power plant. A Lufkin police officer in the area said they were having to release valves for steam as a safety precaution, which created a jet-like sound which could be heard for miles. Lufkin Fire Marshal Steve McCool said several residents reported hearing the loud commotion. “Some people were concerned that it may have been a tornado and other were concerned that it may have been an explosion of some kind or even some gas being released”.

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Aspen Power plant

In a statement released by Aspen plants parent NRG stated:”This morning, a faulty sensor caused the Aspen power plant turbine to shut down, and a safety relief valve to release steam, causing a series of loud noises. There is no danger to the public.” Knox said employees at the Aspen power plant have fixed the sensor and are in the process of re-starting the plant.

There was no need for concern… Well I hope so!

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