Flash Floods In Joshua Tree National Park, California (VIDEO)


Amazing video of flash floods in Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Although it happened 3 weeks ago, the wall of water engulfing everything on its path is worth watching!

Three weeks ago, a mudslide, triggered by heavy rainfall, swept through Joshua Tree in California. This video shows an event on the same day at Joshua Tree. But it is probably not the same event.

According to reports, the mudslide engulfed a small town and killed one person. The mudslide struck the house of the Scarcy family, sweeping through the building. Look at the devastation showing the power of this event:

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Consequences of the Joshua Tree National Park mudslide on September 16, 2014

At the back of the house a baby was sleeping and was washed away. He was found alive about 60 m downstream of the house with only small cuts and bruises, and some debris in his lungs. He is now out of danger!

Such events may become reality again in the next days due to the raging Simon tropical storm!

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