Mystery Loud Booms and Rumblings in Benbecula and Barra, Scotland


Did you hear and feel the loud booms and rumblings in Scotland on October 29, 2014?

There is still no clear origin of what created these mysterious bangs. Officials suggest it came from a MoD firing range.

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Benbecula airport responsible for loud bangs on October 28 2014?

Remember, on the same day, sonic booms were created by RAF jets to intercept a ‘weird’ Latvian plane over London.

Officials however believe, the Benbecula and Barra booms aren’t related to this event. Did other planes went sonic? Was it an earthquake? Or simply people training at a firing range?

People report shaking houses and buildings. People on the street were wondering what was going on.

Aviation authorities have ruled out another supersonic flight. No earthquake have been registered. So the most probable source is a large MoD at Hebrides Range. Probably a controlled explosion. However, some say it was too loud to be a blast anyway.

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