Mysterious flash of blue light in Dallas sky coincides with power surge – No transformer explosion, no lightning… What the heck?


A flash of blue light lit up the sky in eastern Dallas County on Tuesday night. 

A dash-cam video taken by Oliver Mathis driving on Interstate 635 shows the light flash for a few seconds.

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Power surge accompanies ‘mysterious blue light’ in sky over Dallas, Texas. Picture via Youtube video

People in the area also reported that lights inside their homes flickered around the time of the flash, according to KXAS-TV (NBC5).

An Oncor spokesperson told NBC5 that the electricity provider’s equipment recognized a “flickering of electricity” in portions of northeast Dallas County at 10:39 p.m., but that no one lost power. There were no reports of transformer explosions, Oncor told the station.

North Texans reported on social media experiencing power surges in their homes, possibly as a result of the flash of blue light. 

Thunderstorms moved through portions of North Texas on Tuesday afternoon, but Dallas-Fort Worth was dry, likely ruling out the possibility that the flash came from lightning.

So no lightnings, no transformer explosions, but power surges and electricity flickering… What the heck was going on in Dallas on June 4, 2019?

[Dallas Morning News]


  1. did anyone else notice right after the flash that there were three red dots forming a triangle?? and then dissipated seconds after the flash. if u look before the flash, frame by frame, you can see a single blinking red dot fly directly to the sight of the flash. keep watching the vid frame by frame and as soon as the flash disappears, the triangle appears. anyone else get chills after watching that?? i still dont know what it is. turns out this was at some type of military base or government facility.

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