Secret US military drill: San Diego residents rattled by explosions, loud bangs and low flying helicopters (videos)

loud booms due to secret military exercises rattle San Diego military exercises February 2-3 2023

Some Point Loma residents were startled Monday night by several loud “bangs” and low-flying helicopters just outside their homes.

San Diego Police confirmed to ABC 10News the situation was part of a “pre-planned military exercise.

The house was literally vibrating with it … it was scary! I immediately thought there’s something really serious going on in the neighborhood,” said Point Loma resident Martha Pistacchi.

Residents say living in this area, they’re used to frequent aircraft overhead.

Note that it wasn’t just Point Loma where this exercise took place: ‘The helicopters were seen in other nearby neighborhoods on Tuesday.

But this time was different. I honestly thought something was going to land on the roof,” said Pistacchi.

Neighbors say the helicopters did briefly land in a park near Liberty Station.

This area behind me is where they came in and landed,” said one father, who told ABC 10News his daughter was frightened by the noise that began around 8 p.m. and continued past midnight.

I get the training aspect of things. The problem I have is that there was no public notice,” he said.

They do need to train, but it’s OK to let the public know not specifically what they’re doing but that they’re going to be in the area and you may be hearing these sights and sounds for this period of time,” said resident Steve Ravellette.

Another longer video about the event:

U.S Army officials issued the following statement to ABC 10News:

Members of the U.S. Army are conducting coordinated, essential military training in designated locations around San Diego, California, Jan. 24 to Feb. 04, 2023.

The training consists of air and ground mobility operations and close-quarter combat training to enhance soldiers’ skills by operating in a realistic environment.

Safety precautions are in place to protect participants, along with planning considerations to minimize impact to the community.

This training was coordinated with appropriate officials.

Why weren’t residents notified? More so considering how understandably worried they would be by the low flying helicopters and because all of this went on past midnight. Did the government also want to take advantage of the opportunity to see how people would react?

This surprise ‘close-quarter combat training’ session is all the more curious because this isn’t the first one to be deployed within a US residential area – it’s at least the 3rd time this has happened in California – and again without prior notification to residents. It also comes on the heels of other exercises whereby the military are apparently being trained to become familiar with what deployment in a residential US environment would be like. [10News]

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  1. They are getting ready for the expected West Coast EQs following the New Madrid EQ. Nothing to do with WW3. That’s just spin.

  2. HUGE: World War III escalates as corrupt US officials seek to protect their criminal operations and bioweapons research in Ukraine
    Natural News) The US government continues to escalate world war with Russia, while contributing to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The Biden regime has sent over $100+ billion to Ukraine, including a variety of munitions and weapons, with plans to send tanks, jets, and other weapons, with no resolve. The US, going out of their way to “protect” Ukraine, is clearly not seeking a peace treaty or any other measure of resolve. Any negotiations have been arrogant and escalatory. At times, the Biden regime has even threatened nuclear war with Russia, while treacherously guiding NATO into world war with Russia and China. 1984 IS HERE MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW IS IN FULL PROGRESS FOR FINAL MARTIAL LAW?

  3. US Surrounds China With War Machinery While Freaking Out About Balloons
    In what Austin journalist Christopher Hooks has called “one of the stupidest news cycles in living memory,” the entire American political/media class is having an existential meltdown over what the Pentagon claims is a Chinese spy balloon detected in US airspace on Thursday.
    Secretary of State Antony Blinken cancelled his scheduled diplomatic visit to China after the detection of the balloon. The mass media have been covering the story with breathless excitement. China hawk pundits have been pounding the war drums all day on any platform they can get to and accusing the Biden administration of not responding aggressively enough to the incident.

    “The important thing that the American people need to understand, and what we are going to try to expose in a bipartisan fashion on this committee, is that the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party is not just a distant threat in East Asia, or a threat to Taiwan,” House China Select Committee Chairman Mike Gallagher told Fox News on Friday. “It is a threat right here at home. It is a threat to American sovereignty, and it is a threat to the Midwest — in places like those that I live in.”

    “A big Chinese balloon in the sky and millions of Chinese TikTok balloons on our phones,” tweeted Senator Mitt Romney. “Let’s shut them all down.”

  4. 50cal Feb 3, 2023 At 11:05 pm


    First report was an explosion preceeded by a jet. 2nd report no explosion reported. Video shows object white smoke as if shot down. Use your judgement.

    I think it was shot down, but Pentagon doesn’t want to confirm or deny anything. Why?
    Well, in case there is germ warfare payload, or dirty bomb radioactive payload. Billings Montana is the area. Other balloons are being spotted too. Something is up, and nobody is talking.
    Exactly i say the video it was shut down yesterday why no one is talking about it? Was today a fake
    balloon and was it there 2 balloons .. Why they confuse us … i am sure reasons of WW3 ? Very well
    observations .50 Cal thanks i was going say same thing but you did it first…

  5. Iran blames Israel for Isfahan drone attack, warning of revenge WW3 alert False Flag Operations!!!
    Iran has blamed Israel for a drone attack on a military site in the central city of Isfahan on Saturday.

    Its ambassador to the UN said findings indicated Israel “was responsible for this attempted act of aggression”.

    Iran, he said, reserves the right “to respond resolutely to any threats or wrongful actions” by Israel.

    Israel has neither confirmed nor denied it was behind the attack, which Iran said caused minor damage, though this has not been independently verified.

    The two countries are arch-foes and in recent years have been engaged in what has been described as a “shadow war” of unclaimed attacks on each other’s assets, infrastructure and nationals.

    Israel is mostly known to have carried out strikes on what it says are Iranian weapons transfers to militants in Lebanon and is also believed to have sabotaged Iran’s nuclear sites and killed Iranian nuclear scientists. Iran, which rejects Israel’s right to exist, has been accused by Israel of attacking and planning to attack Israeli and Jewish targets and people. Each side is also believed to have attacked the other’s shipping. Closing of Persian Gulf also contribute gas 20 in Germany and Europe and USA.

    Iranian and Russian hackers targeting politicians and journalists, warn UK officials for all !!

    Iranian and Russian hackers are targeting British politicians and journalists with espionage attacks, officials have warned.

    The National Cyber Security Centre has issued a fresh alert about increasing attempts to steal information from specific groups and individuals.

    NCSC said the hackers usually target those doing research and work about Iran and Russia.

    It described the hacking groups as “ruthless” in pursuing their targets.

    The NCSC – which is part of UK cyber and intelligence agency GCHQ and gives cyber-security advice – explained the attacks were not targeting the public, but specific individuals and groups, including politicians, officials, journalists, activists and think tanks.

    The hackers will often impersonate real contacts to build trust, and send fake invites to events or Zoom meetings containing malicious code. If clicked on, they can compromise accounts allowing the hacker to gain access to sensitive information.

    NCSC director of operations Paul Chichester said: “These campaigns by threat actors based in Russia and Iran continue to ruthlessly pursue their targets in an attempt to steal online credentials and compromise potentially sensitive systems.

    “We strongly encourage organisations and individuals to remain vigilant to potential approaches and follow the mitigation advice in the advisory to protect themselves online.”

    The number of individuals targeted in the UK is small – in the tens – with a minimal impact, officials say. But organisations have been asked to secure their online accounts, and report suspicious approaches. Hell with Ayatollahs satanic ..

  6. Prepping for World War III? US soldiers in low flying choppers conduct ‘realistic’ urban combat training over San Diego – as shocked residents report hearing ‘bomb-like booms’

    San Diegans wondered if WWIII was starting after hearing the loud noises
    The choppers were taking part in ‘realistic environment’ training
    The training puts soldiers intense environment that is still low risk
    It is not new to me i saw many black Helicopters flying where i am also off and on but is very scary
    since they are black uniforms and with machine guns and missiles… WW3 in every directions now
    we need to be nicer to each others not like California people are becoming so crazy and violent?

  7. Getting the public ready for military round ups and martial law. WWIII started in 2020 with the release of a bioweapon. Most people don’t understand that because they can’t comprehend asymmetrical warfare. Their brains cannot compute what war is without bombs and bullets. This war will end with the bombings and bullets flying inside America’s cities and rural countryside. All this exercise was is predictive programming of the populace to comply when the military comes to round them up. And yes that day is coming and if you don’t think it will happen in America you are a fool. This tyrannical government is not our friend and they are not here to protect or save us anymore. America is a fallen nation and soon it will be obvious to all.

  8. Drop something metal on top of the helicopter next time to liven things up a bit since they don’t want to inform the public.

  9. Ask yourself this question; If Russia or China wanted to destroy this country then why do they have so much money invested in it? I believe this is all part of the current phyops war being carried out to induce more fear to give up more liberty for fake safety. What do others here think? Think billions of people dying from covid 19 if you don’t get your jab, type propaganda.

    • I think that in a world where war is no longer necessary, that all of this military nonsense only serves the parasitical military industry.

    • I agree. WW3 crap is fear porn. Fact is the New Madrid EQ is expected soon, and this will trigger the West Coast EQs. San Diego will get hit hard, so it appears they are preparing.

  10. This is coming of World Martial Law and we prophecies here.. IRAN false Flag Operation coming soon and they will attack their own cities like Tehran, Hamadan, Isfahan Shiraz and …. blame it on Israel and USA… We urge people of Iran have cameras ready and keep photos of suspicious materials and stop False Flag Operations of Ayatollahs now…. Down Down the Islamic Republic of Arabs in Iran.

    • Nonsense. False flags as well as color revolutions are the nefarious failed tools of your own masters and no one else. Everyone else uses decent tactics, not lies and showmanship. Iran has got your number.

  11. The gubberment should one, practice somewhere else away from population – they might get shot down, and two, they need to give law enforcement a heads up cause if I saw that, I’d grab my ar-15 or my m-5 or whatever I have to stop the terrorists from continuing on. I’d have a duty to protect and serve. Could be bad guys in American looking aircraft. Dangerous game, or is it not a game?

  12. Redchinesey Spy Balloon / North Carolina

    Bozobiden is faggin off with his criminal pervert son. The standard procedure has always been to knock out intruders/spy crap immediately. Let’s hope we have some competent USAF guys that just go up there and kick its ass right now, damnit!


    First report was an explosion preceeded by a jet. 2nd report no explosion reported. Video shows object white smoke as if shot down. Use your judgement.

    I think it was shot down, but Pentagon doesn’t want to confirm or deny anything. Why?
    Well, in case there is germ warfare payload, or dirty bomb radioactive payload. Billings Montana is the area. Other balloons are being spotted too. Something is up, and nobody is talking.

    • Late Update:
      Conflicting reports tell me something hinkey is up. Location is Billings. One report says balloon was spotted where object was seen descending from very high altitude. The explosion could also have been a sonic boom from jet.

      We could also have mutiple balloons in play as is being reported.

      There is probably people on the ground investigating debris, or roping it off in case of germ or radioactive payload.
      Doubt the story will be very truthful in the end. What are we being distarcted from comes to mind on these deals.

    • That balloon could have biowarfare germs being loosed on populations. Could be just spying too. Needs to be shot down.


      First report was an explosion preceeded by a jet. 2nd report no explosion reported. Video shows object white smoke as if shot down. Use your judgement.

      I think it was shot down, but Pentagon doesn’t want to confirm or deny anything. Why?
      Well, in case there is germ warfare payload, or dirty bomb radioactive payload. Billings Montana is the area. Other balloons are being spotted too. Something is up, and nobody is talking.

      • Manuel, I corrected typo, and duplicated post. Delete this post and one above.
        Typo was BREAMING/ BREAKING. See line 1, at header.

    • Too much money laundering in proxy wars. Notice how all payments to Smellinsky are always in round numbers. Nobody audits these scumbags. Taxpayers get screwed every day until we are all broke.

  14. They did this in downtown L.A. a few years ago, and somebody videotaped soldiers extracting something from a building on a stretcher. Some say it was a baby nuke. Some say a dirty bomb. Some say it was a bioweapon.
    The training exercise excuse was cover for a black op or some secret mission. We will never know.

    • Preparing for WW3…… they know there’s going be strikes soon, since NATO is pushing the war soo much and Germany saying they are in a state of war.

    • 50cal,
      What I understand is you are correct. The Satanists were threatening to set off 6 different nukes on the West Coast. The White Hats have been busy locating and removing them. The L.A event was one of those. This sort of thing is why they could not set the 2020 election right. Busy on several other fronts. So, we get entertained with the Biden Show.

  15. Practice for a Chicom attack. The Chicoms have a Surveillance balloon floating over country. Our military is not planning a move against Americans. But to defend the US.

  16. Guy claims the public was not given notice of the training exercise, didn’t realize the psychological domination of the event. The exercise was to induce fear and helplessness onto the general public.

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