Thundersnow: Rarest Winter Weather Phenomenon Caught on Video in Mentor, Ohio – November 13, 2014


Thundersnow is one of the rarest and most intense weather phenomena!

It was caught by Chris Zimmer of Mentor, Ohio on November 13, 2014. Watch and be amazed:

According to the lucky storm chaser, there was plenty of thundersnow from this lake-effect snow storm on November 13, 2014!

Earlier this year, thundersnows were reported in Columbus and Staten Island. Watch videos here!

This rare phenomenon occurs only during particularly powerful snowstorms with especially strong updrafts. The sound of thunder in thundersnow is dampened, too, by all the snowflakes.

Early-season lake-effect snowstorms fit the bill, with the still warmish water giving an extra boost of energy to the cold Arctic air pushing southward from Canada.

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Meet the “Omega Block,” Your Wintry Companion for (At Least) the Next Two Weeks

These snowstorms can behave more like summer thunderstorms and produce snowfall rates up to 2 or 3 inches—sometimes even more. The effect is maximized when the wind direction is more or less in line with the orientation of the lake.

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