Weird Noise Plagues NW Atlanta Neighborhoods – November 2014


Since about six weeks, there is a mysterious weird noise plaguing residents of NW Atlanta.

People describe it as sounding like a tornado siren roughly. So What’s the heck?

The noise is perceived by neighbors in three different developments in northwest Atlanta.  According to officials, more than 1,000 neighbors in the Dupont Commons, Adams Crossing and Hills Park neighborhoods have experienced the strange sounds.

According to witnesses, it rings maybe 10 times a day, late at night, at all hours… A weird alarm clock isn’t it?

Listen to a tornado siren.

Residents are getting irritated by the noise because nobody knows what’s going on, where it is coming from, who is responsible and how it can be stopped.

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Strange noise annoys residents of NW Atlanta

A news team visited the neighborhood Sunday. It heard the noise about five to six times. But they could not find any sources. Could it be coming from the nearby CSX railroad. Maybe! In any cases, they have started an investigation.

Well what do you think is responsible for this new strange sounds mystery?

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