Are Temperatures Colder Than Mars Responsible For Booms And Shakings? Explosive Frost Quakes Reported In Canada And The US


The last few days were colder than Mars Curiosity’s location in Gale Crater throughout much the northern US and Canada.

Could these extreme low temperatures and resulting frost quakes explain some of the loud booms heard and felt in Eastern Canada and even in the U.S?

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Mars Weather

Keep in mind that the loud frost quake phenomenon happens when water underground in caverns and pockets freezes very quickly, putting pressure on the surrounding earth and rock.

At around 2:30 AM, the ground shook as two loud bangs – like something fell on the roof – woke up residents on Montreal’s West Island.

Earlier this week, a still unexplained boom shook houses in Sudbury and a mysterious explosion the Greater Toronto Area. Ice quakes may be the cause as blizzard temperatures engulf this region right now!

Frost quakes also baffled officials with shaking booms across St. François county, Missouri.

As freezing temperatures are thought to continue over the next days, I think more ice quake related booms are to occur in the next future!

Here a frost quake report from last year in the same area!

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