Mystery booms are increasing in November 2015 rattling houses and baffling people around the world


After a pretty quiet October 2015, mystery booms are increasing again in November 2015.

People report rattling houses, shaking ground and light in the sky… Are these phenomena all linked together? Read some of the loud booms reports gathered for November 2015 below.

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November 9 2015, UK – Sonic boom over Mersham, near Ashford. Link

November 9 2015, South Africa – Bright lights in the sky and explosion near Patensie, Eastern Cape could be meteorite. Link and link

November 8 2015, Canada – Taurid fireball explodes, shakes houses and creates a loud bang in Saskatchewan. Link

November 8 2015, US – Woman films huge explosion in the desert near the Salton Sea, California. Link to weird light in the sky over SoCal?

November 7 2015, Canada – Second mysterious loud noise heard in Oakville. Link

November 7 2015, UK – Loud underground explosion cut down electricity in Fareham. Link

November 6 2015, US – Sinkholes, loud booms and rumblings in Greene County, Missouri.Link

Here a video about some mystery booms reports in the latest days:

November 6 2015, France – Rumbling noise as earthquake rattles South of France. Link

November 4 2015, US – Earthquake booms rattle Cumberland, Virginia. Link

November 3 2015, Slovakia – Thunder-like blast reported during M3.2 earthquake near Brezno. Link

November 3 3015, UK – Sonic boom, loud bangs and a roaring noise. Mystery sound baffles residents of Evesham. Link

November 1 2015, USA – Mysterious explosions shake houses and frighten residents in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel, Maine. Link

If you are interested in this baffling phenomenon, you can read some more booming noise reports on this website. As well, strange Sounds reports are also available here.

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  1. Strange because I heard them around the same time but I am from NW Ohio in the U.S. There was even a post from the newspaper and the local police but they left it as unexplained.

  2. Comment: I had to search for this and I’m so glad I found something cause I thought I was going insane. About 30mins ago I heard what sounded like booms / gunshots / fireworks? it’s a really weird sound. I went outside to look and I couldn’t see flashes. But the sounds wete there,. I’m really freaked out. Does anyone know ehat this is? – Johannesburg, South Africa

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