Zombie Miracle Cat Escapes Own Grave 5 Days After Burial


This is just unbelievable!

A miracle cat claws its way out of own grave 5 days after burial! Yes! Looks like he used up all his nine lives!

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Humane Society

A cat in Florida that was hit by a car and then buried is apparently back from the dead, 5 DAYS AFTER. Unbelievable!

The cat appeared to be lifeless and the owner buried him. Five days later, the cat showed up in a neighbor’s yard, alive!

Though he suffered wounds to his face, a broken jaw and a damaged eye, Bart managed to claw his way up to fresh air.

And 4 days ago, Bart the miracle cat was having surgery to repair his jaw and remove his eye.

What an amazing tale of survival… or zombification… The MIRACLE CAT gives actual weight to the “cats have nine lives” cliché.

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