An Enormous Cloud Of Hydrogen Is Hurtling Towards Our Galaxy At Full Speed And The Collision Is Inevitable


According to data collected by the telescope Green Bank, a giant cloud of hydrogen is hurtling towards our galaxy.

And their collision will cause an awesome explosion of stars.

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A huge cloud of hydrogen is hurtling towards the Milky Way and the impact is inevitableThe giant cloud – Smith’s Cloud – moves at a speed of 828,000 miles per hour.

This moving mass of gases contains enough hydrogen to make a million stars similar to the sun. Astronomers estimate that it will collide the  Milky Way  in about 30 million years and produce a tremendous burst of star formation. Many of them have a large mass and will cease to exist rapidly exploding as supernovae.

The observation of this gigantic object reinforces the idea that the space between galaxies is not empty. As if this empty space was full of rare clouds that seem to have their own life.

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