Pole Shift Ahead? Earth’s Second Core Is Out Of This World


Discover the ‘second core’ of the Earth.

It is actually very different than what you may think!

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An international team of scientists has discovered the existence of another nucleus within our planet with a different composition to that suggested until now. The finding will help better understanding what really happens inside the Earth.

A group of geologists from the universities of Illinois, USA, and Nanjing, China, has discovered a ‘second’ core within our planet. As presented in their new study in ‘Nature Geosciences’, scientists show that Earth’s core has an additional layer.

The discovery was made possible thanks to a new technology for interpretating and reading seismic waves, which has allowed researchers to ‘scan’ the very center of Earth.

Despite its small size – smaller than the Moon – the inner core has very interesting properties that can tell us how our planet has formed and discover other dynamic processes within the Earth. This new discovery allows us better understand what happens inside our planet.

So there is second dynamo for producing loud booms… And the poleshif is near as summarized in the last phrases of the abstract:

[quote_box_center]Our findings are consistent with seismic anisotropy in the innermost inner core that has a fast axis near the equatorial plane through Central America and Southeast Asia, in contrast to the north–south alignment of anisotropy in the outer inner core. The different orientations and forms of anisotropy may represent a shift in the evolution of the inner core.[/quote_box_center]

Did you know that the largest volcano in the solar system may be on Earth?

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