What is this weird noise in the sky of Kentucky?


strange sounds april 2015, strange sounds kentucky april 2015, strange sounds from the sky, strange sounds in the sky, weird noises, weird noises from the sky, sky noiseA follower sent me this video of strange noises!

Can you tell what this strange sound is? I can’t!

Here the video description… Strange Sounds, loud noises and bouncing light… Real or fake?

[quote_box_center]I recorded a strange noise in the sky in my hometown of Kentucky, at 2am, April 5, 2015 and one strange light! I didn’t notice the light until after watching it. I keep my camera recording on the car lot across the road for the most part. The light is bouncing around, then I zoom up to the moon, then the light reappears in the same area, but lower and bouncing more. The sound is what is really strange! The sound was louder than the recorded sound. I probably had my volume turned down, but it was really loud![/quote_box_center]

Any ideas about the origin of this sound from the sky?

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