Latest animal mass die-offs: Jellyfish, turtles, fish – Marine ecosystems having a hard time!


The marine ecosystem is having a very hard time around the world!

Jellyfish are dying by thousands, turtles by hundreds while the entire West Coast’s ocean ecosystem seems going out of control from Hualpen, Chile to Oregon! Here the latest animal mass die-offs for May 2015:

velellas tijuana baja california may 2015, May 20 2015, Mexico – Thousands of jellyfish stranded on coast of Baja California. Link

May 19 2015, Australia – Mystery fish die-off in the lagoon of the Botanic Garden of Mackay. Link

May 18 2015, Chile – Thousands of birds die in Hualpen. Link

May 18 2015, USA – Fish kill at Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. Link

May 18 2015, USA – Unprecedent mass die-off along beaches in California. Link

May 17 2015, USA – Hundreds of turtles found dead along Flanders Bay beaches. Link

May 17 2015, USA – Marine ecosystem experiencing hard time on US West Coast. Link

Watch this list for more mysterious animal deaths around the world!

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