Latest loud booms reports: 6 earthquakes in San Diego, sonic boom in Finland and noise advisories for May 2015


Here the latest loud boom reports as well as noise advisories from around the world!

It seems that army and police are training heavily! Are we missing something?

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Spotlight story: 6 earthquakes rattle San Diego and Salton Sea area

A series of six earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 2.8 to 4.1 rattled the Imperial County city of Calipatria and were felt in the San Diego area Wednesday night. The first quake – Mag 4.1 – occurred Wednesday night about 14 miles north-northwest of Brawley, south of the Salton Sea at 8:15 p.m. The last quake was reported at 10:06 p.m. According to the “Did you feel it?” page on the USGS website, over 65 people felt the first quake. Did you also hear some booms?

Noise advisory and unexplained explosions around the world

May 21 2015, USA – Richmond County police exercise may create loud booms around Augusta, Georgia. Link

May 21 2015, Finland – Unscheduled jet sonic boom rattles Helsinki and surroundings. Link

May 20 2015, USA – Controlled explosions jolts residents of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Link and here.

May 18 2015, USA – Unexplained explosion rocks North Charleston, South Carolina. Link

May 17 2015, South Africa – Mystery explosion rattles residents of Centurion. Link

May 2015, Latest reports of mysterious booms around the world. Link

May 5 2015, India – Sonic booms scare residents of Kohima. Link

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