Strange metallic noises heard in Wisconsin in April 2015 – What could they be?


What is the source of this strange metallic noise?

Is it someone clashing two pieces of metal together or a sign of the upcoming apocalypse?

As explained by the uploader of the strange noise video:

[quote_box_center]This strange noise was over heard by large parts of southern Wisconsin on April 2015 The sound heard for 5 minutes or more. No aircraft was seen and the source of the noise remains unknown. Ufo? HAARP experiment? Meteorite?[/quote_box_center]

So what’s your bet?

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  1. Audio modulation caused by a scalar weapon. The RF is heating the surrounding air causing it to expand and contract in pulses which you hear as sound. Note the chem clouds? Your government has already sprayed in order to prevent the attack. The spraying causes clouds which attenuate the RF carrier wave. Had they not sprayed, the RF would have penetrated the ground with sufficient strength to cause an earthquake. You will note that in every “strange sound” video, it’s always cloudy. This is not a coincidence.

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