Mysterious plasma tubes above Earth’s atmosphere


For over six decades, scientists have speculated about the existence of plasma structures around the Earth.

Now, 3D images of these mysterious tubes are available for the first time… proving they’re quite real.

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Youtube video by University of Sydney

The findings have been published at the scientific journal: Geophysical Research Letters.

The plasma tubes can be described as:

[quote_box_center]We measured their position to be about 600 kilometres [373 miles] above the ground, in the upper ionosphere, and they appear to be continuing upwards into the plasmasphere.

This is around where the neutral atmosphere ends, and we are transitioning to the plasma of outer space. We saw a striking pattern in the sky where stripes of high-density plasma neatly alternated with stripes of low-density plasma.

This pattern drifted slowly and aligned beautifully with the Earth’s magnetic field lines, like aurorae.[/quote_box_center]

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