Greenland icebergs create powerful earthquakes recorded around the world when they break off


When large icebergs break off, they produce a seismic event detectable across the Earth.

These glacial quakes are all around magnitude 4.6 to 5.2. So pretty big.

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These earthquakes aren’t caused by faults but triggered by incredible movements of ice and how those impact the ground beneath.

Glacial earthquakes are induced during iceberg capsizing:

In comparison to the early 1990s, these glacial earthquakes have increased by seven. Yes, that’s another way to prove that global warming is there!

As cited by the Washington Post:

[quote_box_center]Over 55 days in the late summer of 2013, researchers observed ten large calving events and corresponding earthquakes and a total retreat of Helheim Glacier by 1.5 kilometers. And Helheim is just one of many Greenland glaciers that are losing ice.[/quote_box_center]

One of the most impressive and apocalyptic calving was filmed in 2008.

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