Strange unexplained sounds in the sky of Borås, Sweden


The night of July 1 2015 wasn’t as quiet as usual for lots of residents in Borås, Sweden.

Many reported mysterious noises from the sky, but nobody knows what they were.

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Full moon rises over Poseidons Temple. By Elias Chasiotis

The still unexplained strange sounds started at around 1am and lasted intermittently for about half an hour.

People explain:

[quote_box_center]I’ve never heard this before. It sounded loud and uncomfortable, as if someone was playing in a giant trumpet.

It [the noise] was not constant. After a while it disappeared completely.

I’d rather not hear it again. Although in some ways was fascinating, it was the most scary and strange experience I have ever gone through.[/quote_box_center]

The unexplained phenomenon has puzzled scientists for years.

Does the sound come from aircrafts? From cars or other vehicules?

Are ocean waves that collide and drag along the seabed responsible for the ringing noise? Finally do earthquakes contribute to the humming sound?

None of these explanations apply for the strange unexplained sounds in the sky of Borås, Sweden. But we will keep track on it!

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