Unprecedent rise in the water temperature along US west and east coasts


The warming rate since 2002 is 15 times faster than from the previous 100 years.

And scientists don’t know if it’s decadal variability or if the trend will continue.

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A couple of unexplained large scale changes in the waters off the northeast coast of the U.S. have oceanographers perplexed. A new study shows an unprecendent rate of sea level rise and incredibly warm temperature compared to most other parts of the world; and the disturbing signs of collapsing fisheries in the region.

What they were startled to discover was an unexplained, and unprecedented, rise in the water temperatures that may be linked with an equally mysterious sea level anomaly: sea levels are going up, but they are going up faster off the north-east coast of the U.S. than almost anywhere else.

On the other side, off the U.S. West coast, scientists report a mysterious “blob” of water up to 4°C warmer than the surrounding Pacific, linked to weird weather across the entire US.

There is something weird going on with our climate! And we have here a taste of what the ocean will be like in future decades.

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  1. The heating of the oceans is being caused by undersea volcanoes. In times like this with the sun in a period of low output (grand solar minimum) the earth sees an increase of volcanic and earthquake activity. It will get more intense. We may even see a complete or partial magnetic pole reversal on the earth. With the rapidly cooling and contracting atmosphere and the increased atmospheric water vapor the earth has likely just entered into a new ice age. Its wise to build a good greenhouse and stock up on food, warm clothing and firewood. The biggest effect will be the devastation to the worlds food supply and its accompanying mass starvation and geopolitical upheaval. Stay strong.

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