5700 earthquakes rattle Nevada since July 2015 and baffle scientists


A mysterious swarm of more than 5700 earthquakes is rattling northwestern Nevada since July 2015.

Such a seismic activity is rare anywhere. But it’s impossible to know if it will culminate with a big quake.

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University of Nevada-Reno

As reported by Capradio, the community of Mogul, west of Reno, also experienced an earthquake swarm in 2008. But the number of tremors in that swarm pales in comparison to the present one that count now more than 5700 earthquakes within two months.

More than 200 quakes 3.0 and stronger have been measured in the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge since last July. Seven of them were 4.5 or stronger.

This kind of seismic activity is rare anywhere. Even in California. Or now in Oklahoma.

On December 16, 1954, two strong earthquakes of M7.1 and M6.8 rattled northern Nevada within minutes of each other. Although damage was scarce, the quake rumbles were felt over much of the western U.S.

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