And suddenly Earth began to breath – Forest ground starts moving in Nova Scotia


What did happen on October 31, 2015 in this forest along Apple River in Nova Scotia, Canada?

Look at the ground… It’s moving, it’s beating as if the Earth just began to breath. Baffling.

You bet this video went viral. Can somebody explain what Brian Nuttall just caught on tape?

Apple River, Cumberland, subd. A, NS, Canada is situated here.

Could this phenomenon be related to waves going underground? Is this a giant worm making up its way to the ocean? Or is this Earth began to breath phenomenon linked to the tree roots? As the wind blows and the tree moves.. so does the ground… many tree roots are near the surface…

What is behing this weird geological and natural phenomenon? You guys have the last word. But I think this is a new proof that our Earth is alive.

Look at the Earth breathing in this amazing GIF animation.

Original Facebook video

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  1. All this supernatural happenings is coming to light as this states in our Bible. No denying what I see & believe. Most beautiful & most scarey at the same time. 🙂

  2. Well…I’m not sure what it is. I’m not convinced the comment made by “John” is correct, as I live in Alaska where there is a lot of forest as well as wind. Looking deep into the images, there is no evidence of wind. There would be SOME kind of branch movement (other than what is created by the ground heaving). Interesting.

    • Are you kidding? Look again there are many of the trees in the area having their branches moved by all the wind. John is correct in this case.

  3. it is the roots of trees moving under the moss due to windy weather in Nova Scotia…the tress have never felt wind directly like that, as you can see from the clear cut not far off, so these trees in time will die, and fall….nothing spooky or strange.

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