A series of 5 quakes rattles Dallas and Irving in December 2015 – And fracking is probably responsible


Is the swarm of quakes that hit Irving and Dallas a sign of the next big one?

These tremors have alarmed residents, but scientists say the surge does not mark a departure. Well only if fracking stops I would add.

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Photo by Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News

Five earthquakes between Love Field and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport have been recorded by USGS last weekend.

Ranging between M2.1 and M2.8, the tremors are the strongest since a 3.3-magnitude tremor on May 18, 2015. The strongest quake shaking Irving/Dallas was a 3.6-magnitude temblor on January 7, 2015.


These quakes are alarming residents. When the quakes come roaring into our homes it is very scary not knowing how large the quake will be and what will happen.

Scientists have linked three out of five earthquake sequences in North Texas to the injection of fracking wastewater into deep wells.

Meanwhile a useful scientific experiment would be to shut down the north DFW airport fracking waste injection well for a couple of months and see if anything changes. The Southern one was previously linked to quakes and was closed.

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  1. BULLSHIT!! If you threw cold water on a liberal while they were in a dead sleep, they would bolt upright and scream “FRACKING”……

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