Terrifying strange sounds in the sky reported across Morocco


These terrifying strange sounds from the sky were reported across Morocco beginning of this year.

Are these the trumpets of the apocalypse or simply a really frightening hoax?

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Are these new strange sounds recorded across Morocco the Trumpets of the apocalypse or another hoax? Image: Youtube Video

The following two videos a currently going viral in Morrocco. They record a terrifying sound coming from the sky, as they say.

First I thought hearing a muezzin calling for prayer at the Mosque. The anonymous voice people are reporting from the sky is most probably that call to prayer.

Moreover, people are riding their bicycles like normal as if they weren’t terrified at all. If I was hearing these weird metallic trumpet sounds I would directly try to take shelter.

So I would say these two videos of the strange noises from the sky are hoaxes trying to frighten the population of Morrocco.

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