Temperature anomaly: The first 70°F reading in Alaska during March in any year!


If 2015 broke all records of heat, the 2016 wants overcome them.

Alaska reports its first 70°F reading during March in any year!

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Alaska cracks 70 degrees in March for the first time in recorded history. Via Twitter / Brian Brettschneider

Alaska has had plenty of anomalic weather in recent months, but Thursday took it to a new extreme.

The temperature measured at Klawock Airport in Southeast Alaska hit 71 degrees. And this is a record high for the state for the month of March, in any year on record.

The previous March record-high temperature in Alaska was 69 degrees, recorded in Ketchikan on March 28, 1915.

The fact that it’s March — it’s pretty amazing oreven more: It’s a big deal.

The cause of the new record was a ridge of high pressure in the area. A June or July air mass move in in March.

The Haines Airport hit 62 degrees Thursday, compared to a previous March 31 high of 57 in 1926. Sitka hit 57 degrees, compared to a previous high of 54 in 1994.

February set global temperature records, deviating from historical norms by a wider margin than any month ever recorded, and raising further concerns about global warming.

That’s really weird.

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