Spirit leaves body at fatal Kentucky crash?


Just look at this picture taken by Saul Vazquez at the scene of a fatal crash in Kentucky.

Is that a man’s spirit leaving his body? Incredible!

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Saul Vazquez / Facebook

And Saul Vazquez to add: “I took this picture just few minutes ago from the cab of my truck it was an accident between campton and Stanton on the service road just off of the mountain parkway, zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat. All I say is I hope everyone involved is okay!!

The photo shows two ambulances with state troopers standing in between. There’s a grey area above the troopers’ heads that’s shaped like the figure of a man. Local media outlets report a motorcyclist involved in the crash later died at the hospital.

So what do you see in this picture?

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