Enhanced volcanic activity: Hekla volcano shows signs of imminent eruption in Iceland and Fuego volcano explodes 13 times an hour in the last days in Guatemala


Everyday, enhanced volcanic activity is reported around the world with new eruptions or signs of impending blasts.

Today, it seems that the Hekla volcano shows signs of imminent eruption in Iceland. Moreover the Fuego volcano is exploding at least 7 times an hour since more than a week in Guatemala.

Hekla volcano shows signs of imminent eruption in Iceland

Most measurements that we have today indicate that Hekla is ready for an eruption, but we do not know what factor will set the eruption off,” says geophysicist Páll Einarsson at the University of Iceland.

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Hekla shows signs of eruption via VolcanoCafe

There is more pressure in the magma chambers underneath the mountain than before the last two eruptions in 1991 and 2000.

It’s however impossible to say whether a Hekla eruption is to be expected soon or not, as eruptions come without much warning and with little correlation to other volcanic or earthquake activities in South Iceland.

According to geophysicist Páll Einarsson, four of Iceland’s volcanoes are showing increased amounts of activity in preparation for another eruption:

March 29, 2017 marked the 70th anniversary of the greatest Hekla eruption known to man, which lasted 13 months. Mount Hekla erupted five times since 1970.

Fuego volcano explodes 7 times an hour in the last days in Guatemala

During last week, the explosions at Fuego volcano increase in energy. The volcano observatory of Guatemala reports an average of 7 to 13 explosions per hour, which have low to moderate characteristics. They generate columns of ash reaching a height of about 4,300 to 4,700 m (14,107 to 15,419 feet), which travel more than 10 kilometers in a southerly and southeasterly direction.

Incandescent pulses at a height of 150-300 meters above the crater generate falls of volcanic materials of different sizes, reaching distances of more than 200 m from the crater and weak to moderate avalanches on the crater’s outline .

These explosions are accompanied by weak, moderate and strong rumblings that have weak to moderate shock waves, causing vibrations on the roofs of houses near the volcano. Weak sounds, similar to train locomotive machines, with intervals of 10 minutes are reported. The rumblings are heard in the volcanic perimeter and in the municipalities of Escuintla, Santa Lucia Cotz., Siquinalá among others.

According to the observations, the seismic energy of the explosions continues, with the possibility that in the next hours lava flows will be generated and a new strombolian eruptive phase will develop.

The volcanic unrest is continuous and will never stop. Where in the next to erupt. Nobody knows. But get ready!

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