Signs that the mini ice age / grand solar minimum has already started


With Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) decreasing, galactic cosmic rays increasing causing more cloud cover globally and measurable decreases in output of our Sun, it is apparent that the new mini ice age / grand solar minimum has commenced.

David Evans also predicts a 0.3C drop beginning 2017 to occur, which will leave the IPCC in serious damage control as the planet wont be the warmest year ever.

mini ice age, grand solar minimum, Signs of the starting mini ice age or grand solar minimum
Signs of the starting mini ice age or grand solar minimum. via Facebook

We need to look to the Electric Sun model to explain the changes and begin the discussion of how we as species are going to adapt to the changes that repeat every 400 years.

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  1. THE STORM OF 5-1-17 HAS TAKEN 30% OF AMERICAS WHEAT CROP AND EFFECTED OATS . And as a result of the grain losses Beef prices to spike . This is our official introduction of more crop losses thaat killed millions in the late 1600’s and 1800’s due to starvation and disease “black plague “

  2. I see that many “scientists” or other researchers cannot decide if have global warming alert or incoming ice age. Personally I see we have a little warm up and I find it quite funny when many panic about it.

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