Dinorabbit: 70 million years old dinosaur eggs with embryos inside discovered in Argentina


Archaeologists in Argentina have announced the discovery of several dinosaur eggs – believed to be nearly 70 million years old and with the remainders of its embryos.

The eggs were found several years ago at a site called Auca Mahuevo in the southern region of Patagonia by a shepherd, but the find was only made public this week.

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Dinosaur eggs with embryos inside unearthed in Argentina. Youtube Video via RT.com

Studying these embryos may provide new insights into the development stages of the gigantic reptiles that once populated the Earth.

The site: Auca Mahuevo

Auca Mahuevo is a site where dinosaur eggs appear in nests along with the remains of the animals that ate them.

The site was a swamp that at the time was covered with water and… sediment covered and drowned the embryos inside the eggs. The other sediment came from the Auca Mahuida volcano eruption ten million years later.

Auca Mahuevo is more than 70 million years old and is monitored by the people living in the area and security guards.

Previous discoveries

In 2014, a skeleton of Argentinosaurus, believed to be the biggest dinosaur on Earth, was also found in Patagonia. The enormous creature weighed as much as 14 African elephants (around 77 tons), was 40m (130ft) long and 20m (65ft) tall.

In 1997, similar eggs were unearthed located in Auca Mahuevo.

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