Strange sounds recorded from the sky over Roswell, New Mexico (video)


Listen to these strange sounds coming from the sky?!?

These new mysterious noises were captured over Roswell, New Mexico on April 2, 2017. And they are really similar to airplanes sounds. Any bases in the area?

The Taos hum is another unexplained noise in New Mexico.

Where do you think the come from?

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  1. I live in Oklahoma. We have been hearing thia for past 2 years. we have looked for the planes but have yet to spot one. It lasts all day, sounds like the plane is in a nose dive and then pulls up real fast.

  2. This is a turboprop airplane doing an engine run. Probably maintenance doing a checkout of a general aviation type aircraft such as a king air. They typically run the RPM’s up and down to check engine and prop response which causes the up and down noise. The engine/prop likely has a malfunction they are tweaking resulting in multiple engine runs to troubleshoot and fix.

  3. It’s a plane. We have an airport and a military base here. We get planes all day long in the skies. I hear quite a few daily, they always sound like this.

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