Zombie apocalypse survival kits to keep you from the spreading threat


The U.S. military has devised a strategy for combating a massive zombie apocalypse whether it happens by way of virus, the occult, or farmers raising “chicken zombies”.

So if the Pentagon is prepared for the undead, it only makes sense for you to get ready as well. All you need is the right zombie survival kit. And there are several available in every price range, size, and level of irrational fear possible. 😉

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Through the Wormhole Season 5 Episode 6 – Is A Zombie Apocalypse Possible

First watch an episode of the series ‘Through the Wormhole’ entitled ‘ Is a zombie apocalypse posible’ in which a mathematician shows how fast an hypothetical zombie virus could spread around the world. The epidemic would be inevitable and cities would be overran in weeks:

I’m not a fan of zombies and I’m quite fed up with them already. But the possibility of a yet unknown lethal virus spreading that fast seems very real to me. And that’s truly scary. So here are different kits to survie a zombie apocalypse:

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