Finland builds massive underground CITY to prepare for Russia invasion (video)


Finland is currently building a massive underground CITY to fit all 600,000 residents of the capital should there be a Russia invasion.

Hundreds of miles of tunnels underneath Helsinki, Finland, have been constructed in the case of an emergency. Putin pushing military drills around eastern Europe adds to unease in Finland.

AN UNDERGROUND city is being prepared for habitation incase Russia invades Finland during a military exercise. via Express

The Underground Master Plan contains 40 new areas reserved as rock resources and 100 new space allocations for future rock construction. Approximately 9 million cubic metres, consisting of about 400 separate facilities or tunnels, have already been built under the city. The more important facilities are listed and classified by theme in connection with the Helsinki Underground Master Plan.

Russia is currently preparing to conduct its Zapad 2017 military exercise, the largest since the end of the cold war during which Russian troops will carry out drills close to the Finnish borders. Unease is spreading across the european country.

Hundreds of miles of tunnels underneath Helsinki, Finland, have been dig for the case of an emergency. via Express

It has now been revealed Finnish soldiers are carrying out training to deal with a mass evacuation. In March, soldiers carried out an exercise which was designed to prepare for a siege on the city.

Russia is currently preparing to conduct its Zapad 2017 military exercise, the largest since the end of the cold war. via Express

Neighbouring Estonia has already voiced major concerns over Putin’s practice close to their country. Kristjan Prikk, undersecretary for defense policy at Estonia’s Ministry of Defence, said earlier this week: “We don’t consider this year’s Zapad exercise in itself to be a direct threat to us [NATO] or a cover for an attack, but we have to keep in mind that the Russians have the nasty habit of hiding their actual military endeavors behind exercises.

Much of the underground network is open to the public, and contains facilities such as swimming pools, ice hockey rinks and car parks. Here the Itakeskus underground swimming complex by Lewis Martin. via Grist

In June Finland agreed protocols which meant it would call on NATO to help defend it in the event of an invasion.

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  1. If it’s nuclear no one wins after the bombs stop. Nuclear winter. Be happy you are dead otherwise a terrible

  2. There are over 100 authentic Catholic prophecies warning of what is about to happen, how Russia will launch a massive surprise attack on both Europe and America.

    – Sister Lucia of Fatima, April 7, 1990: Russia, because it was “not” converted, attacks both Europe and America, but America is spared the prison camps. i.e. we fight back and win – but the cost is very high.

    – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, (1895-1961) Italian mystic and stigmatic, from her many revelations: Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and she will attack America with her “secret” armies.

    – In 1984, Pope JPII asked a German mystic what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities and bases. Russia will field over 10 million in arms with planes, missiles, tanks, and armaments in numbers the world never imagined they were amassing.

    – Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941), French mystic and stigmatic, also from her many revelations and visions: Russia will attack in three wedges: 1. Russia attacks and completely defeats all the Scandinavian countries. 2. Russia attacks from the East through (and possibly with) Germany to France and Spain.
    3. Russia attacks thru and with Iran to the Balkans, then to Greece, Turkey and then Italy, defeating all in their path. All American soldiers overseas are killed and all American supply depots captured.

    Pope St. Pius X and St. John Bosco, both had similar visions of Russian troops entering Italy and Rome.

    In America we get attacked from six sides.

    1. Florida: Several S. American Socialist countries side with Russia
    2. Mexico: Sides with Russia
    3. Minnesota: Russian and Muslim teams set out to destroy and sabotage critical roadways, bridges, dams, airports, utilities, etc.
    4. Alaska: Russians attack from Alaska and from N. Pole area straight to the US/Can. (Minnesota/Manitoba) border in an attempt to reach the Mississippi and cut America in half, however they are stopped by US/Can forces and many civilians.
    5. Pennsylvania: Russian and other?? elements attempt to drive from the East Coast thru. Pittsburgh to the interior.
    6. California: One million Chinese amphibious landing (with help from within our own governments deep state) on the West Coast – they take to the Rockies for six months before being driven back into the ocean but kill millions of men, women and children. Search and read: “2005 Speech of the Chinese Minister of Defence” to Chinese military and gov. officials – indicating when the attack comes to kill every man, woman and child they come in contact with.

    We win in the end but the fight is dear and costly – over 75% of the country dies – not one person will be safe in any underground or other hideout.

    Nothing but chaos, anarchy, oppressive martial law, mobs, gangs, etc, cannibalism on a level never imagined in America due to the shortage of food. No food, transportation, gas, utilities, stores, clothes, supplies, etc for near two years.

  3. Why are they worried about Russians?
    They need to be worried about the islamic scum that is currently invading their country at the invitation of their own “leaders”.

  4. One must remember however, that there is no love lost between Finns and Ruskies-going back to WWII when Finland lost the Karelian Peninsula to the Soviets-and within an eyelash the entire country. The underground facilities can serve a dual purpose-shelter from the cold winters and also as bunkers in the event of another invasion from the east.

  5. Cold climate countries have been building underground facilities for decades. See what Toronto has built decades earlier, underground walkways, shopping centers, etc. Finland is doing the same thing, preparing for the cold winters by making comfortable warmer spots underground for when the long dark cold winter seasons settle in. Nothing to do with nuclear warfare and end of the world.


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