Italy prepares a plan to evacuate and save 700,000 people from a Vesuvius mega eruption


Vesuvius is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, due to the large population in the surrounding area.

Officials are now drawing up a plan to get 700,000 people from wrath of a Vesuvius volcanic eruption.

New evacuation plan for Vesuvius, vesuvius eruption evacuation plan
New evacuation plan for Vesuvius.

Vesuvius is a problem of gigantic proportions. Officials say most of the updated evacuation plan is almost ready.

There are currently 25 towns in the so-called ‘red zone’. The red zone is the area at highest risk if Vesuvius were to erupt, due to destructive pyroclastic flows.

Last year, 7 new towns in the Campi Flegrei between Pozzuoli and east Naples were high-risk area, which now concerns more than 672,000 residents.

Nonetheless, the entire area would not be in immediate danger in the case of eruption, as the flows would likely go in a single direction.

But just how do you get everyone in those towns out safely?

According to the new plan, the evacuation of the ‘red zone’ would only take 72 hours using, cars, trains and buses. Different towns would be asked to use different modes of transport depending on their destination. Pompei residents would take boats to Sardinia, while Neapolitans would board trains to Lazio.

There is currently no problems, but it is our duty to be prepared. It is important to take advantage of the fact that Vesuvius is currently dormant, that it’s giving no sign of movement, in order to prepare to cope with the emergency, should it wake up.

So what about Yellowstone or the Cascade volcanoes? Is there a plan existing? GET PREPARED FOR THE WORST!

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