Destructive storms hit Hawaii and the Carolinas, leaving more than 250000 people without electricity


A powerful storm hit most of the Hawaiian islands on Monday, Oct. 23 through Tuesday, Oct. 24. The powerful winds, numerous lightning strikes and heavy rain knocked out power in the entire island of Maui – at least 150,000 people.

A bit earlier on October 23, 2017, 7 tornadoes swept across North and South Carolina. At least 98 000 people lost power. Several people were injured but there were no deaths.

In overall, more than 250,000 people lost power during these two extravagant and anomalous storms.

Seasonal cyclone – Kona low – in the Hawaiian Islands

A powerful storm – Kona Low – hit most of the Hawaiian islands on Monday, Oct. 23 through Tuesday, Oct. 24. The storm started on Oahu causing multiple power outages and flooding before heading towards Lanai and Molokai.

As heavy rain and thunderstorms engulfed overnight, the power went down for Maui. Lightning strikes, strong winds and flash flooding across the islands did hit the electrical system and caused damage to the system.

Almost all Maui customers had their power knocked out.

Downed poles and storm runoff caused a major traffic jam on the Hana Highway for those headed into Kahului.

Flooding also forced residents at a Lahaina apartment complex to evacuate. Stormy weather closed campgrounds and back country camping in Haleakala National Park.

Hours of heavy rain resulted in some roads being washed out in south Maui.

Series of tornadoes hit North and South Carolina. Many injuries

7 tornadoes sightings were reported across the Carolinas on Monday, October 23, 2017. At least 98 000 customers lost power, mostly in the western part of North Carolina. Several injuries have been reported. No deaths.

Tornado destroys Hickory airport in North Carolina on October 23 2017, tornado north carolina october 23 2017, tornado hickory north carolina
Tornado destroys Hickory airport in North Carolina on October 23 2017. via Twitter

3 tornadoes were reported in North Carolina, between 14:37 – 20:45 EDT, damaging buildings in Burke County and Caldwell County.

One of the tornadoes has flipped over planes and cars, and severely damaged airport hangars at the Hickory Regional Airport in North Carolina.

4 tornadoes touchdowned in South Carolina between 12:54 – 13:36 EDT, uprooting numerous trees and power lines and damaging several houses and mobile homes in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties.

Just two anomalous storms plunging hundred thousands of people in the dark in Hawaii and the Carolinas!

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  1. I have had a terrible suspicous thought on all this. We all know that weather wars have been used on us for a while now. Just like the 4 hurricanes we had in the US in Sept. Who is directing Harp to pull all these disaster on us. Is it to slow down Pres. Trumps agenda to get our country back up on the right note. I would not trust the globalist or the illuminati or the NWO to behind all this is some way. What if someone was able to pick up the phone and ordered this to be done on us.?????? Think about that one people. For me something is just not right with all these storms.!!!

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