Late-season storm brings more snow to the Sierra Nevada – Snow records broken in 18 resorts

Snow California record
Snow California record. By Wally Skalij

The winter that wouldn’t quit showed up again in the Sierra Nevada region of California and Nevada on Tuesday.

The fast-moving, blustery storm wasn’t expected to last long, but it was enough to require chain controls on some trans-Sierra highways and add to staggering snowfall totals left by an exceptional series of winter storms.

“A blast back to some wintry weather today with wind and snowfall,” the Mammoth Mountain ski resort wrote on its web page. The early morning temperature was just 18 degrees (-8 Celsius).

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Like most Sierra resorts, Mammoth doesn’t need anymore snow after recording 705 inches (17.9 meters) at its main lodge and 885 inches (22.5 meters) at its summit.

In the Lake Tahoe region, the Palisades Tahoe resort reported that early morning winds hit 100 mph (161 kph) before calming down.

Spring conditions are expected to return later in the week, the National Weather Service said.

Here are some draw-dropping photos of cars, trucks thawing out after California storm…

The 18 resorts in the U.S. that have set snowfall records this season

It has been a winter to remember, especially in the western United States. California and Utah saw huge snowfall totals. All these resorts are raising a banner for record snowfall during the 2022/23 season.

The list is in ascending order based on total snowfall. All snow totals are from April 15, 2023, meaning they could still add to their already impressive records:

Eagle Point, UT – 367 inches
Cherry Peak, UT – 459 inches
China Peak, CA – 549 inches* (701 inches at summit)
Heavenly, CA – 566 inches
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY – 595 inches
Deer Valley, UT – 598 inches
Snowbasin, UT – 602 inches
Park City, UT – 618 inches
Bear Valley Resort, CA – 672 inches
Kirkwood, CA – 705 inches
Mammoth Mountain, CA – 705 inches (885 inches at the summit)

Surviving a record snowfall year Mammoth 2023…

Dodge Ridge Mountain Resort, CA – 731 inches
Boreal, CA – 735 inches*
Solitude Mountain Resort, UT – 783 inches
Snowbird, UT – 809 inches
Brighton, UT – 850 inches
Alta, UT – 879 inches
Palisades Tahoe, CA – 710 inches

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With last night’s snowfall of 10 inches, the previously held record of 707 inches of snowfall for the 2016-2017 season has been broken as Palisades Tahoe is now sitting at 710 inches of snow, which is 178% of its average season snowfall of 400 inches.

snow record Palisades Tahoe, California
snow record Palisades Tahoe, California

This record season snowfall has allowed Palisades Tahoe to stay open on the Alpine side until the 4th of July. [Independent, SnowBrains]

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