When you accidentally hit superman while flying!


This plane probably hit a pterodactyl… Or maybe superman!

Luckily no one was injured after a bird strike left a large dent in the nose of the plane conducting the Oklahoma City Thunder from Minneapolis to Chicago.

Carmelo Anthony shared this picture of the plane nose and asked: What possibly could we have hit in the SKY at this time of night? Everyone is Safe, Though. “All Praise Due” #ThunderStrong

oklahoma city thunder plane nose destroyed
The nose of the plane of the NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder was completely destroyed. Birds? Hail? Superman? via Instagram

It was probably something big! Superman or a pterodactyl?

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  1. The plane made the trip and there was a storm. More than likely, it was struck by lightning frontally. And produced that dent. Although you see that there are gray spots on the dent …..

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