All planet sounds from space (in our Solar System)


In the 1990s, NASA explored the idea that emissions from other planets could be captured and processed so we could hear them. The resulting “music” is a collection of eerie, spooky sounds. However, since sound can’t travel through empty space – that is, there’s no air there to vibrate so we can hear things – how do these songs even exist? It turns out, they’re artificial depictions of real events. Every planet sound will be different, and so will the space around it. Enjoy the song of each planet in this short compilation.

When you listen to the NASA recordings, you are not hearing directly what a planet would sound like if you were orbiting it. The planets don’t sing pretty music when spaceships fly by. But, they do give off emissions that Voyager, New Horizons, Cassini, Galileo and other probes can sample, gather, and transmit back to Earth. The music gets created as the scientists process the data to make it so that we can hear it.

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sounds from space

However, each planet does have its own unique mysterious beat or song. That’s because each one has different frequencies that are emitted – related to the different amounts of charged particles flying around and to the various magnetic field strengths in our solar system.

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