The Spooky Sounds Of The Solar Wind


There’s a wind that emanates from the Sun.

It blows not like a soft whistle but like a hurricane’s scream.

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What does the solar wind sound like? Listen to the spooky sound of the solar wind. Picture via Youtube video

Made of electrons, protons and heavier ions, the solar wind courses through the solar system at roughly 1 million mph (1.6 million kph), barreling over everything in its path.

Yet through the wind’s roar, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe hears the small chirps, squeaks and rustles that hint at the origin of this mysterious and ever-present wind.

The spacecraft’s FIELDS instrument can eavesdrop on the electric and magnetic fluctuations caused by plasma waves.

The Parker Solar Probe can “hear” when the waves and particles interact with one another, recording frequency and amplitude information about these plasma waves that scientists could then play as sound waves.

And it results in some striking sounds. The mysterious sounds of the solar wind! Believe it or not, space is a weird place full of bizarre sounds. Discover some of those mysterious noises from outer space in this list. You will find similar headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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