Airplane or Megacryometeor? Large Chunk of Ice Falls From the Sky and Makes Huge Hole in Chino’s Roof in California


Not even the largest hailstorms would make such a hole in your roof!

A large chunk of ice fell from the sky and through a roof of baffled Chino neighborhood residents in California. Airplane or megacryometeor?

Large megacryometeor creates huge hole in the roof of a house in Chino
Large megacryometeor creates huge hole in the roof of a house in Chino, California

The large chunk of ice went through the roof in a loud boom that even some neighbors situated at the end of the street on Harrington Court heard 10:30 p.m. on November 4, 2017.

A witness said the loud noise sounded like a car crash. The owner of the home thought there had been an explosion.

Around the house, nothing.

But in their upstairs bathroom was a hole in the ceiling and several large chunks of ice sitting in the bath tub.

Fortunately, no one was in the room at the time.

So something did fall from the sky… And what’s in the sky? Airplanes!

The chunk of ice wasn’t blue, so it didn’t come from the plane closets. Did ice form around the plane? Or was it another giant megacryometeor?

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