Giant python devours man alive (video)


In March 2017, 25-year-old Akbar went missing during the palm oil harvest in Indonesia.

The following day, his friends and co-workers went out looking for him. But only found one of his boot, his harvesting tool and a 23-foot-long python which looked rather full. Now, imagine what they found inside the snake:

Yes, Akbar was inside.

That must have been a hard time for the snake, even for this 23-foot monster.

Humans have indeed wide shoulders that don’t collapse.

A Man Was Found Dead Inside A 23-Foot Python
A Man Was Found Dead Inside A 23-Foot Python

According to a snake expert, the chances of getting eaten by one is lower than the chances of being struck by lightning at the exact same time as winning Mega Millions.

This story of a large python eating a man isn’t clickbait this time! It’s just the stuff of nightmare!

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