Scary archeology: Discovery of the scene of a Neanderthal mass cannibal attack


In 1994, deep within the murky depths of El Sidron, a cave system in Northwest Spain, researchers discovered the desiccated remains of 12 Neanderthals. But this wasn’t some random collection of individuals; it was an entire family (three kids, three teenagers, and six adults). And all 12 individuals had died suddenly, at the very same time. This family, it turns out, was straight-up hunted for food… by another gang of Neanderthals!

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Cannibal Neanderthal gang in northern Spain ate 12 of their neighbours raw, scientists say. Study shows the early humans butchered their rivals, breaking open their skulls and bones to extract the marrow. Getty image via Independent

They appear to have been killed and eaten, with their bones and skulls split open to extract the marrow, tongue and brains. And consider the fact that this was a full-on zombie-style buffet; there was no evidence of a fire, so the victims were devoured raw.

Archeologists proposed that the find was most likely evidence of a bloody confrontation between two rival Neanderthal gangs. And then, the winners ate the loosers!

Cannibalism isn’t only a present plague but is deep in our DNA.

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