Spontaneous teleportation? Patient mysteriously disappears from hospital in South Africa


An unexplained mystery is currently being investigated at the Stellenbosch Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.

A man has spontaneously disappeared from his hospital bed within seconds. He was found thirteen days later inside the ceiling of the hospital, a so-called isolated area.

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Spontaneous teleportation in hospital in South africa

This weird disappearance story starts earlier this month when a 61-year-old man is admitted to the Paarl Hospital for an abdominal surgery. After the operation, the man is transfered to the Stellenbosch Hospital for recovery.

A nurse takes care of the man on October 5th, and leaves the room less than a minute to fetch clean linens. When she returns, the man was gone, had spontaneously disappeared from his bed from which he couldn’t move from.

Hospital staff and police have no idea how he could have gotten there, particularly in his post-operative state.

Thirteen days later, the man’s body was found inside the ceiling of the hospital in what’s been described as an “isolated area,” and nobody knows how:

Prior to his disappearance a nurse was attending to him. When she went to get clean linen‚ the patient disappeared. Sadly, the patient’s body was discovered 13 days later in an isolated area in the ceiling, which is difficult to reach. There is currently construction work being carried out at the hospital which also contributed to the difficulty of the search. The circumstances relating to how the patient got access to the ceiling are currently being investigated.

Did this man have somehow teleported into the ceiling? Spontaneous teleportation is possible, at least in labs… So why not in a hospital.

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  1. Good question from Andrew (And there are many, many questions here )
    How did ‘they’ come to the highly unlikely conclusion to look in the ceiling.
    The person who answered called “F” is just speculating.
    Here are the questions I would love to know and no doubt , the victims loved ones and family would too:
    How far away was this ceiling area fron the point of disappearance ?
    Was it several rooms away from the point of dissaperance?
    Was the ceiling he was found in even on the same floor ?
    All of these factors have not yet been adressed, in order to reveal the full extent of the abnormality of the incident.
    The one fact we do know is that the plaster board ceiling had to be cut in order to remove the man.
    The was likely to have weighed over 12 stones (estimated)
    How could a sick person of limited mobility enter a roof space without breaking or damaging it and remain undetected for over 13 days ? (How could ANY human being achieve this , period ?)
    How could any human perform that action so fast ? – apparently the nurse only left the room for a few minutes to collect the patients linen
    What was the true cause of death ?
    What will the autopsy reveal ?
    What are the opinions of the experts as to what exactly caused father of six, Teteteke Gqotsi’s death and how he ended up where he did ?
    ie the opinons of: the hospital medical staff – the construction workers – the hospital security (via CCTV) – the Coroner – the Police – the FBI (if this equates to murder ) In my opinion this does not appear to be suicide.
    The man, Mr Gqotsi was willingly admitted to hospital for surgery of his abdomen and was recovering from that surgery – these are not grounds for suicide.
    Does the hospital or area have a history of strange and / or paranormal occurances ?
    Why was this particular individual targeted ?
    Make no mistake – this case is paranormal, abnormal , extra-ordinary, a phenomenon, an anomaly , un-natural , ‘super’ natural , un-usual , illogical, unfeasible or whatever term you want to use ; this case is NOT normal and it is highly likely there ARE dark forces involved that no one can explain. (Or those that do know will not explain)
    Would anyone say that ‘light-hearted’ forces were involved in this mans strange dissapearance ?

    I immediately noticed that this case fits the profile of those covered in the “Missing 411” series authored by investigator David Paulides.
    I advise you all to please look it up and Google it.
    A great way to digest the Missing 411 events are a series of radio interviews on YouTube.
    David Paulides documents thousands of mysterious and unexplainable disappearances worldwide that share many commonalities, All of which remain unsolved.
    The cases first cover dissapearances in America’s National Parks, spanning almost 100 years they make for mind-boggling reading / listening.
    When David Paulides reclutantly started to investigate inner City urban dissapearances , the cases became infinately more sophisticated as “whoever’ or ‘whatever” was and still is taking and murdering (sometimes returning them alive, with partial memory / time loss) now has to contend with increased technology as in CCTV, more witnesses, higher populated areas etc.

    I also advise you to Google the neck out of the case of “Elisa Lam” another one that fits the Missing 411 profile in a similar yet unique way to Mr Gqotsi’s hospital disappearance / death.

    Note: In each one of these mysterious the Coroner and the Authorities will usually come up with a vague conclusion to appease the public and the victims family; either to:
    a) hide the fact fact they don’t know what the heck is going on and are dealing with something that is simply out of their control OR
    b) they know what is behind it , have always known, and will remain silent in order to protect some organisation or some “thing” they may or may not have allegiance to.

    The verdict from the Coroner / Authorities likely will be
    Motive for Death – *”Accidental’*
    Cause – *”Natural” *
    Reason: The authorities will not / cannot back a statement that defies any law of physics and/or science and may genuinely cannot confirm a motive so they often fall back on the default reason of ‘accident’

    The true verdict actually is:
    Motive for Death: *Murder*
    Cause – *Unexplained/ un-natural.*
    Reason: Suicide and accidental scenarios logically – ruled out. A true autopsy reprted is rarely revealed in such cases for reason explained above

    Explore the Missing 411 phenomenon for yourselves – an absolute game_changer.

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