Extreme weather hits Australia with tennis ball hail, 133000 lightning strikes in less than 2 hours and terrified residents calling for help in New South Wales and Queensland


Extremely anomalous weather hit New South Wales and Queensland in Australia last weekend, with hail the size of tennis balls, 133000 lightning strikes in less than 2 hours and plenty of terrified residents calling for help on Saturday afternoon. Yes, this was Thor having a great party:

This video was recorded by Joff Green over Kimberley in the state of Western Australia, when the tropical cyclone “Dahlia” was moving over the coast.

A large thunderstorm engulfed Grafton, New South Wales, with hail the size of tennis balls or 7 to 8 centimetres (2.75to 3.15 inches). The storm lasted for about 15 or 20 minutes, and in that time it did cause some damage. It is the first major storm to hit Grafton since the start of the storm season.

Southeast Queensland was also hit badly, with 4 inches of rain in half an hour and more than 13,000 homes and businesses without power following the deluge.

The Sunshine Coast copped the worst of the weather, with more than 110mm of rain in less than 2 hours and over 133,000 lightning strikes recorded during the storm. Even the zoo had to close down in Beerwah.

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Have you ever seen lightning make such crazy shapes? This bolt looks like a Tyrannosaurus rex getting ready to chomp a formation at Blue Mesa in Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park. Monsoons usher in summer lightning, so explore safely and be sure to check the weather. Photo by Hallie Larsen, National Park Service.

Anomalous weather with huge is the new normal in Australia… And soon across the whole world. Already two months ago, more than 55,000 lightning had struck south-west Western Australia.

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