Spontaneous human combustion? Man dies after bursting into flames in unexplained circumstances in London street


Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) refers to when a person bursts into flame for no apparent reason and burns down into charcoal – well almost. Interestingly, the confusion isn’t really about how this happens – read about the Wick Effect, which has been successfully demonstrated on pigs – but the real question is what the hell is setting these people on fire. In one of the latest case of SHC, a 70-year-old pensioner named John Nolan has died of his injuries after bursting into flames in unexplained circumstances in a London street on September 17, 2017, while horrified members of the public tried to put the fire out and alerted police and firefighters. No evidence of an “accelerant” that would have spread the flames have benn found during investigations.

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Case of spontaneous combustion in London street: Mr Nolan. via Independent

Since then, Mr Nolan’s death has being treated as unexplained. Officers have now to establish how the fire started. Mr Nolan was a well-liked member of the community and none of our enquiries so far have indicated that he had been involved in a dispute of any sort. Moreover no witness accounts suggest that John Nolan had been in contact with another person at the time of the fire.

It looks like Mr Nolan case is a clear Spontaneous combustion. So, what the hell is setting these people on fire?

  1. A lit cigarette: Unless you’re smoking the Devil’s pole, it seems unlikely you will start to burn since it takes about 570 degrees Fahrenheit to get human flesh to combust.
  2. Static: Built up static can trigger a spark that can instantly turn you into flames.
  3. Alcohol: Some believe SHC victims are alcoholics that somehow manage to get a blood alcohol level high enough to turn them into a burner. 23% concentration of alcohol in the blood is required for ignition. Simply impossible!
  4. Gamma rays and ball lightning: Do ball lightning exist? Scientists are unsure. Have you ever heard of a gamma ray storm engulfing your living room?

Science simply cannot agree on the cause of spontaneous combustion. Until we don’t find a explanation for this phenomenon, we won’t be able to solve the case of Mr Nolan in London.

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  1. SHC is horrific to contemplate and to view. Such pix of burned-to-dust people amid undamaged combustibles terrifies many adults in the forensic sciences to this day. We know. Some run away when handed such photographs, others choose to ignore the evidence and – in the case of wick theory advocates – are willing to lie about their ‘successful’ debunking. Microwaves can be a source of such ‘fires’, yes. It may be something more bizarre such as unrecognized telluric energy, as our research has discovered a 1751 event in Italy in which one woman in a group of 5 ‘ignited’ mid-stride and died. Whether Mr Nolan spon-com’d and burned internally, as initial reports say, or succumbed to an unusual but conventional ignition source remains to be ascertained; too little info has yet to be released publicly. All info to that end will be welcomed by this poster.

  2. Although it sounds incredible like the microwaves (“someone will have shot this man”)
    I may have been some high voltage electric cable at low height.
    The fiber jacket with a little static charge because of the humidity in the environment
    at the time of going under one cable.
    Or he just killed himself with something he had with him.
    It’s very weird … yes sir.

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