This baby sloth crying with its leg trapped on a beach might be the saddest thing you ever see


This occurred on January 15, 2018 / Morgans Jungle Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica:

As noted by the video uploader: “We own an eco lodge in a remote section of Costa Rica. Our guest told us of a baby sloth that they saw about a half mile down the beach on the rocks still alive. We ran down to find it before it died and scared off a couple of dogs who were about to run up on it. We found the rare, young, 2-toe sloth that survived the high tide and a storm overnight. It was wet with salt water and had sand in its eyes. It appeared tired and scared and began to cry out to us as we approached. With no adult sloths in site we carefully placed him in a box with a towel then took him back to the lodge and rinsed the salt water off its face. We then took the baby sloth to the animal rescue center at Tranquility just down the road. He seemed to be fine and happy to be dried off and safe.

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Baby sloth rescue on a beach in Costa Rica on January 15, 2018

So was this baby sloth crying with its leg trapped on a Costa Rican beach one of the saddest thing you have ever seen. It turns out to be right for me! Keep helping each others!

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  1. Sloth to camera guy……….”Thanks a lot stupid, how about putting the camera down and helping me out!” wow, so I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. It’s all about getting it on Youtube first.

  2. “Let me let you suffer needlessly for just a few more minutes while I get you on camera. There there.”
    Put down the camera and loose the child, and then baby talk it and look for mom. The lack of humility SUCKS.

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