Meteor explosion causes M2.0 earthquake in New Haven near Detroit, Michigan


USGS confirms meteor occurred around 811pm, causing a magnitude 2.0 earthquake. The very bright fireball illuminated the sky over Michigan, US on January 16, 2018 and was followed by a sonic boom reported several miles away. The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received 356 witness reports from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio as well as from Ontario in Canada.

The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received almost 400 reports of the event. The flashing light and loud boom felt across Michigan and seen as far away as New York City and parts of Canada on Tuesday night was a meteoroid entering the atmosphere, according to NASA.

A post on the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook page reports the meteoroid traveled northwest from the Brighton area to the Howell area, citing the American Meteor Society’s website. The 1 a.m. post read:

Our analysis yields a similar result, and we have calculated that this was a very slow moving meteor – speed of about 28,000 miles per hour. This fact, combined with the brightness of the meteor (which suggests a fairly big space rock at least a yard across), shows that the object penetrated deep into the atmosphere before it broke apart (which produced the sounds heard by many observers). It is likely that there are meteorites on the ground near this region – one of our colleagues has found a Doppler weather radar signature characteristic of meteoritic material falling to earth.

USGS has registered this event as a M2.0 earthquake with the epicenter at New Haven, just north of Detroit in Michigan, adding: “Meteorite seen and heard in Detroit area. Location is approximate. The magnitude reported for this meteor cannot be directly used to compare its size to an earthquake because the source of the seismic signals are different”

It was felt by about 330 people.

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The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 356 witness reports by 08:35 UTC from Michigan, SE Wisconsin, NE Illinois, N Indiana, N Ohio (US) and S Ontario, Canada. via AMS
michigan fireball, michigan fireball creates earthquake, earthquake in detroit after meteor explodes over michigan, meteor produces m2.0 earthquake in Michigan january 16 2018
The epicenter of the M2.0 meteor earthquake was situated 8km WSW of New Haven, Michigan. via USGS

Here some more videos of the crazy deflagrating sky event:

Although this was a natural meteor fireball, only large rocks create earthquakes. Space rocks are getting closer and closer!

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  1. Yes …. This was a huge space metal rock. And it seems that in some areas of our planet, they get close enough and explode at low altitude above our heads producing an immense BOOM!!, and a blinding light.

  2. Earth is likely entering the Nemesis/Nibiru System’s Debris Field. Check This Out >>> NASA has said for some time now that the COR 2 BEHIND Satellite is inoperable. So all we’re allegedly getting, are Shots from the COR 2 AHEAD Satellite. Not so fast – I don’t think so! An easy NASA subterfuge, because from my observation, the supposedly AHEAD Shots are really (Sometimes) from the COR 2 BEHIND Satellite. This puts the Objects in the Link below to the left of Earth and Very Close indeed! BELOW This Narrative – Open Both Links – 2nd Link shows the positions of the COR 2 AHEAD & BEHIND Satellites. If it is in fact as I have become convinced, actually a BEHIND Satellite Screenshot on 05/10/17, this would place the Earth very close to the (3) Objects and approaching the Debris Field at lower left.
    This would correspond to all the Large Objects that we’ve been witnessing on Sky Cams Worldwide. If this were in fact an Ahead screenshot as NASA would have us believe; that would place these Objects from the Nemesis/Nibiru System, on the other side of the Sun from Earth. Hence 180 Million Miles away from our Planet, as has been suggested by several Nibiru Cointelpro/Disinfo Channels. TPTB can’t deny it any longer to the Nibiru believers. With these Channels, they just try to manage the Pics & Info fed to them as best they can. (Most people haven’t even a clue!) To keep the Masses in Check until the Bitter End. To keep everyone calm so the Elites can GET TO GROUND in their Underground Bases, right before it Hits The Fan. There Is No One Telling Us The Whole Truth! Looks like a Fulfillment of Prophecy about the End Of Days in 1 Thessalonians 5:3; “For when they shall say, Peace and Safety; then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION Cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and They Shall NOT Escape.”

    I pointed this out to a few prominent Cointelpro Nibiru Channels & got No Reply. “The Physicist” on several YouTube Channels is Total Bunk too! She has it on the other side of the Sun too. About the same place the supposedly COR 2 AHEAD shot shows.This further confirms to me that I have hit on the Truth. Otherwise I would have been told why not.
    If it is in fact as I am convinced, this is actually a Behind Satellite Screenshot, this places the Earth very close to the (3) Objects and approaching the Debris Field at lower left. “Three UFOS at STEREO AHEAD COR2” Here is the Link to Stereo Satellite Ahead & Behind Positions:

  3. I saw a meteor over Denver earlier that same day (6:19 am ) very similar bright white streak then it turned green and was gone…..glad u am not crazy ….I saw what I saw….☄

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