Globally, about 90 per cent of people are righties. But why?


Funny thing, in any given class, around 10 per cent of the students were lefties. It turns out this is true for all human populations, not only middle-America university classes. Globally, about 90 per cent of people are righties. But why?

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why aren’t there more lefties. via Shuttershock

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  1. This image remind me Corporal Punishment “paddling” in schools in Alabama. It is amazing that still teachers can hit children by a thick wood looking like a boat paddle many times until their buttock swollen up. In Alabama, more than 90% of children are victims of this child abuse in school. In Tuscumbia Alabama, a middle school handbook on their website said “Paddling is the well thought out action by school officials. If you as parents don’t like it, you get an alternative punishment.” I tell you, here in Alabama, state officials can treat students as human cattle with abusive actions, just like slave owners and slave children before the Civil War.

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