Several massive boulders crash down onto State Route 7 in southern Ohio – clean-up of major rockslide will last 2 weeks


Multiple large boulders fell onto State Route 7 between Chesapeake and Burlingtonin in southern Ohio Monday 7:30 a.m. EST, closing the roadway. One northbound lane of state Route 7 is reopen Tuesday morning after Monday’s massive rock slide. That is the only lane that will be reopened at this time. The clean-up of the four-lane roadway could take two weeks to completely clear the enormous boulders. No injuries or damaged vehicles were reported in the incident. Officials were on the scene late Monday morning to investigate the cause of the rockslide.

giant boulders ohio, giant boulders block Route 7 ohio
The rockfall blocked the 4 lanes of Route 7. Now a northbound lane is reopened. via WOWK
giant boulders ohio, giant boulders block Route 7 ohio
Massive Boulders Crumble onto Ohio Roadway After Record Rain. via WSAZ

The several massive boulders crashed down onto State Route 7 after days of heavy rainfall that triggered flooding along the Ohio River. Just across the Ohio River, the town of Huntington, West Virginia, reported rainfall in 10 of the past 12 days ending Sunday, including more than 1.5 inches on Saturday. The heavy rainfall has triggered multiple mudslides in the region.

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